Unarmed Black Pastor Killed In Texas By Police!

Its terrible news and something that is now happening all to often. Another unarmed black man has been killed by police. This happened in Texas and the man was a local pastor, Patrick Warren.

His family called police, afraid that Warren was having a mental health episode. They didnt think that it would result in the police shooting the husband, whom was also a father and pastor 3 times!

The incident happened earlier this week and ShaunKing was one of the first to post the shocking video online. His family called mental health professionals for help afraid that Warren was having a mental health episode but instead they sent the police.

When the police arrived, they shot Warren 3 times in the chest. This happened within 1 minute of arriving on scene. They did not attempt to assist him with his mental health issues at all. To make matters worst, no charges or consequences have been issued against the officers!

Warrens family has no secured an attorney Lee Merritt, who is demanding the immediate removal of the officers involved from the force and arrest of the officers responsible for his death.