YFN Lucci Wanted For Felony Murder In Atlanta

Well, it looks like Atlanta rapper YFN lucci is wanted in Atlanta for his alleged involvement in felony murder as reported by CBS46. Police are looking for 29 year old Rayshawn Bennett and his involvement in the shooting death of James Adams, age 28.

The shooting happened on December 10th when a man was shot on the 900th block of Peeples Street in SW Atlanta. The victim was found with a gunshot wound to his head and later passed away in the hospital due to the gunshot.

Apparently there was a second victim who was identified as 32 year old Kevin Wright who to was shot but survived his wounds. Atlanta police do believe that both shootings were related.

The rapper, YFN lucci is facing a number of charges which include: felony murder, participating in criminal street gang activity, the posession of a firearm during the commision of a robbery, and aggrevated assault!

There have been two suspects ages 23 and 17 that have already been arrested in connection to the murder. The police have been actively searching for Bennett but have not been able to locate him. They are also offering $5000 for information that will lead to Lucci’s arrest.