Dr Dre Agree’s To Pay Estranged Wife $2 Mill In Spousal Support

Just days after potentionally suffering a brain aneurysm, Dr Dre has agreed to pay his soon-to-be ex wife Nicole Young $2 million in temporary spousal support. This will be given to her in a lump sum amount and will need to last her at least until their divorce hearing in April of this year.

If you’re new to their divorce trouble, Nicole was actually asking for $2 million per month! Dr Dre however has been paying her $300K a month for temporary spousal support.

On top of the $2 million he will continue to pay for her malibu home as well as her mothers home.. or at least temporarily.

Unfortunately, Dre has to sign this deal from his hospital bed in Los Angeles. Fans have continued to send Dr Dre their love and support after his hospitalization. We all wish the legend a speedy recovery!