Boosie Sueing Mark Zuckerberg for $20 million !!

If you followed Boosie on instagram you would know that his page was popping all of 2020… That is until the owner Mark Zuckerberg permanently deleted it!

Boosie was throwing the hottest parties in Atlanta! Last year his parties even started the cucumber challenge. However in the midst of the pandemic and social distancing.. none of that was seen, nor were any masks worn. And if that wasnt enough, anytime he was on live; girls felt the need to come out of their cloths for the down south rapper.

Well it seems facebook and instagram owner may have potentially had enough of Boosies antic’s and not following the guidelines and now has permanently deleted the rappers account.

WELL… Boosie wasnt too happy with that, because like alot of celebrities he makes some of his coins using his instagram platform and without instagram… well you’ve guessed it!

Boosie allegedly believes that Zuckerberg is a racist because there has been far worst posts that didnt result in other’s accounts being deleted. He allegedly states: “And my Black people are starting to tell me, ‘Boosie, this man is a racist. He knows you affect the Black community and make them smile every morning? Why is he not giving you your page back? … He might be trying to stop us from smiling’ … You’re going too far.”

We wish Boosie the best of luck!