Meet Dr Dre’s First Baby’s Mother Lisa Johnson!

How Many Of Yall Remember Dr Dre’s First Baby Mom, Lisa Johnson? If you remember 10 years ago an interview surfaced regarding Dr Dre’s babymama who allegedly has 3 daughters by him!!! Its no secret that we dont know must about Lisa and when you see her theres a clear reason why… Shes a lesbian!

She claims she had their first daughter at 15 after she met him at 14. Dr Dre has only ever mentioned one daughter with Lisa. After he put her in his autobiography she was not to happy. She thanked the producer [dr dre] because she believes he opened up the platform to her write her tell all book.

She said that he didnt keep it real in his autobiography, but her book will keep it all the way 100. His eldest daughter recently claimed she hasnt seen her dad in 17 years and has to work many odd jobs just to survive. However she still insists she only wants a relationship with her father.