Adult Film Star Alleges Lil Baby Paid her 6K To Smash

An American adult film star nearly broke the internet after her drunk posts reveal that she was paid 6K by Lil Baby to sleep with her.

This happened in Vegas during the rappers birthday weekend. We know his girlfriend and also youngest childs mother Jayda was also in Vegas with him.

The adult film star who goes by the name of Ms London tweeted “Ok I’m home, 6K richer & full of 1942”. She then goes on to tweet “The best dick I ever had came from a millionaire who didnt say more than two full sentences to me. He literally beat me to the mattress soon as I got in the room”.

Jayda who was with Lil baby hasnt commented anything more than emoji’s. Another one of his kids mothers made a comment alleging that he paid the film star more than what he contributes to his kids during the span of the month.

He may have been Ms London’s best (in bed) but she may have indefinately destroyed the idea of any future business with the rapper.