Mulatto Exposed for allegedly stealing wigs!

Atlanta rapper Mulatto was exposed for stealing wigs, now shes being called the “bundle bandit”. A business owner named Deborah took to twitter to expose Mulatto for stealing her wigs. She stated that now the female rapper has blocked them and even calls her a loser. Mulatto may have admitted to this because in the twitter post Deborah says “had the nerve to say that was 2 years ago like moneys changed in 2 years get the fuckk outa here silly bitch”.

Deborah even posted pictures of the receipts, including that Mulatto has blocked her. It seemed like part of their agreement was for Mulatto to tag the business when she wore the hair but that never happened. Mulatto then told the business that she makes 10K a post and that they were clout chasing.

Well it seems that a lawsuit may be heading in Mulatto’s direction if she doesnt pay up.


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