Medical examiners determined that Mike the dare devils that a tragedy after all of the evidence concluded. Mike was a real life dare devil that had much experience in building rockets. Most people would fear flying in a homemade rocket better yet one that they made themselves. Mike really wanted to see if the world was round or flat and to make to see for himself would have meant the world. Medical responders say that he would have had a chance to live if he would not have hit the ground as hard as he did.

Medical examiner’s state that if he would have came in with lower speeds that he would have made it, but sadly that was not the case. Mike has great spirit and believed the we could do anything that we put our minds to. It is an unfortunate situation that his family has faced, but will be in our prayers. It is the people like mike that have encouraged the pioneers before our time to do such incredible things. The parachute that Mike first opened didn’t work as well so he opened a second one. The speed of which he came down still was too much to stop the death. Most people would say that he was crazy for trying such a thing which can be only judged by the creator.