Kevin Gates Talks

Kevin Gates talks about relations and Dreka in viral social media video. The public figure and rapper is a great motivator and he cares about his fans. In this video Kevin says “Learn how to let it go, and move past it.” Kevin also mentions that “he does not want a woman that plays mind games, because it is counterproductive.” This is important in any relationship as you should feel comfortable knowing that every vibe thrown at you is real. Kevin Gates is very intelligent in the mind, and definitely knows when someone is playing mind games with him. This has definitely rubbed him the wrong way, because his intelligence won’t let craziness slide. The ability to control your environment is a skill that most people have not learned. Kevin Gates has mastered this skill and does not allow bad energy in the room any longer. 

Kevin Gates Is Taking Over The Industry

Kevin Gates is taking over the industry, and is not looking back. The Louisiana artist just dropped “I’M HIM”, and it is up the charts. Gates is known for his great artistry when it comes to music, and most can’t compare to his originality. He is accustomed to making his fans love him as he always pours out his heart. The “I’M HIM TOUR” is now happening and fans are going wild. After millions have heard the “I’M HIM” album, Kevin Gates is now going in front of them so that they can actually feel where he is coming from. The artist loves speaking with his fans on social media as he understands the mindset of most individuals. His mindset is more advanced that most individuals, and has a different perspective on life than other artist. Kevin Gates was in the streets at a young age, but was always smarter than the people in his surroundings. This new sound that Kevin has brought to the table is better than before, and caught the eyes of new fans.