Rapper Meek Mill is known for being courageous and having strong view points. When it comes to sports, politics, and music, Meek Mill has an abundance of knowledge. The South Philadelphia artist had it hard growing up, but with a fast rise in the industry he and a few other artist has taken the role of the voice of the streets. Artist like Boosie Badazz, Jay Z, and TI have also joined the discussion. Meek Mill is on the is on the route to make big changes in 2020. America is supposed to be the land of the free. It seems like our government keeps us enslaved with war. Rapper Meek Mill has the ability to make change wherever he goes. The African American community has great respect for him as he take on American government which will go down in history. Boosie Badazz is also an activist that leads his community in a way that empowers them and gives them knowledge. Boosie is a big name for the streets and shows the people at the bottom how to make a way. Donald Trump has made it very had for Americans to live life with war talk. We have been traveling and making friends all over, but it always seems like our presidents want to put us in a box.