George Zimmerman Sues His Victim Trayvon Martian’s Family And Other For $100 Million

George Zimmerman, the man that killed Trayvon Martin, now wants more than just the teenagers life. Trayvon Martins Killer, George Zimmerman, now suing Trayvon’s family. People are now involved with this case, but to even go this far shows how not sorry he is. “Zimmerman is now suing prosecutors, and others involved in the case”, according to George says that the Martin family planted false evidence on him, and this has made his life horrible. Zimmerman has a high profile attorney, Larry Klayman, and is supposed to bring up many false claims that were made during the case. The Martin family is disappointed, and are trying to find the best help to ease the continuous suffering and pain that they have to endure even more. Trayvon Martins Killer George Zimmerman is going after everyone. Zimmerman is already under fire with the African American community, and is now bringing heat back upon himself. Please tell us what you think, and write a comment below. George Zimmerman has been in hiding for a while, and many people have been trying to find him. Zimmerman has not been shy to continue his fight, but this time may have been the worse time. United States of America’s has changed a little since the time of the murder, but the world is still cruel. Trayvon Martin’s Killer is still walking around, and is trying to sue which makes this a sad case. George Zimmerman has been in protective custody for a while, and people are wondering when they will let him off.

Trayvon Martins Killer George Zimmerman Now Suing Trayvon’s Family.