Amber Rose Finally Has Released Photos of Her Baby Boy

Amber Rose has been taking it easy, and so has her infant son. Babies usually need time for their face to become distinct, but not for this one. Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, Roses infant, has already been turning heads with his beautiful baby face and remarkable eyes. Amber Rose has not been shy about showing him off, or even taking pictures. The beautiful baby boy is growing fast, and was only born one month ago. Slash was born on October 13, and looks much like his mom. Amber had posted a picture of her baby on November 12, and it said, “Lil Peanut Chew #slashelectric 👶🏽🥰😍.” Amber and the baby have similar eyes, and they have similar cheek structure.

Slash and his dad

Fans Are Going Crazy Over Him

The fans are going crazy over Slash’s big-full lips. People are dying over his gorgeousness, and want to adopt him. Rose also has full features, and shows a lot in her infant. Robin Thicke’s girlfriend, April Love Geary said, “wow taking this pic in to a doctor so I can have the same lips,” which shows how far people would go. She also added, “But he’s your TWIN.” Slash is seen wearing a onesie , and it is camouflage color. He also had on a white fleece, and a hoodie over his head. Amber Rose has been letting the world know about breastfeeding, as well as her older son. She has no shame in her game, and wants to continue to empower women through all situations.

A happy Amber Rose before the baby came.

Amber has been showing Instagram videos

Rose has been showing videos on Instagram of her breastfeeding to break stigmas, and to create open confidence. Amber has also showed pictures of her child’s father in action, and is proud of what he is doing for her and her children. This brand was made in 2018, and has been taking the world by storm. This advertising company has multiple things in store for its users, and wants to share it. The Urban Industry News has perfected the ability to reach its users, and has real news that can allow people to live at peace. Urban was based on traffic being pushed through multiple platforms, but it maybe google ads, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. The technology portion of our news platform allow us to continue to become the biggest platform in the world, and the best. Rose is ready to live the family life, and he best life.


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