Kodak Black Says He’s Been Calling Shots Like Kevin Gates From Prison

Kodak Black Says he has been calling shots like Kevin Gates From Prison and is serious about it. According to hotnewhiphop.com, “they have been keeping up with his criminal status.” The now 22 year old rapper was taken into custody earlier this year for using false information on a gun application. He is still being detained, and fighting for freedom. The young artist has so much talent and can really make a difference if he moves a little different this time around. Black has a familiar face when it comes to police in Florida, and it does not seem to be getting any better. He tried to tell the story of how he feels, and most people felt it. Most of the time fans feel where he is coming from, and want to relate.

This picture is Kevin Gates and Kodak Black
Kevin Gates (left) and Kodak Black (Right). Kodak Black has been listening to all of Kevin Gates music. It has been helping him and healing him.

Kodak Black Quotes Kevin Gates

Kodak Black quotes Kevin Gates in recent prison photos, and goes viral.  The famous rap star, Kodak Black had been look at doing a maximum of a ten year sentence. The judge thankfully felt good that time period, and helped him out. The judge decide to give him a 3 year sentence instead, because of his age. It seems as tho he has been listening to much of Kevin Gates, and has showed the world. His first social post literally said, Hold It Down While I’m On Lock. Calling Shots From The Box #Literally.”  Kevin Gates has been known to speak about his struggles, and his times in prison. These messages have helped millions of people locked up, and the people in their families that miss them.



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