Kevin Gates- “By My Lonely” (Official Video)

Gates is taking over the industry, and is not looking back. The Louisiana artist just dropped “I’M HIM”, and it is up the charts. Gates is known for his great artistry when it comes to music, and most can’t compare to his originality. He is accustomed to making his fans love him as he always pours out his heart. The “I’M HIM TOUR” is now happening and fans are going wild. After millions have heard the “I’M HIM” album, Kevin Gates is now going in front of them so that they can actually feel where he is coming from. The artist loves speaking with his fans on social media, and he understands the mindset of most individuals.

I’M HIM Album Cover

Gates Makes “By My Lonely”

Gates dropped “By My Lonely” music video 17 hours ago on YouTube, and is doing numbers. This song is a passionate song to Gates as he yells that he can do it on his own. The talented artist has many types of visuals that lets us know what he is going through. His strong mentality allows him to be a voice to the people that have suffered in ways that he also has. This has captivated many individuals who may have been through other things also, and makes them better individuals. Kevin Gates is married to Dreka Gates, and together they have a few beautiful children. The rap game pretty much lonely for Gates as does most projects independently, but this doesn’t stop him from taking over the game. His master mind and his teams are unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. 

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Official Music Video

Music Video

Check Out Kevin Gates Prodigy from Louisiana “KEVOSABE.” He has been taking the world by storm and turning up his whole state. This young artist is very talented and versatile when it comes to music. He has performed all over the world and it is now his time to break out. Check out his new music video “Stretch Something”. Kevosabe can reached on


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