“Catch Me Outside” Bhad Bhabie Caught Inside And Beatdown By Woah Vickey

Bhad Bhabie has been in another fight with Woah Vickey. This time it looks a little different, and you can be the judge of that. Bhad Bhabie is known for talking the most trash, and we all have been trying to figure her out. There has been a recent video leaked of her, and Woah Vickey fighting in the studio. This has went viral in just a few hours, but most the world is still in the unknown. Woah Vickey has been trying to put her claws on Bhad Bhabie for some time now, and has finally met up to her. 

Woah Vickey’s Vicious Attack

Woah Vickey On Top Of Bhad Bhabie

The Reason For The Fight

In this fight you will see Woah Vickey on top of Bhad Bhabie, and doing the most. In this video you can here Bhad Bhabie telling Woah Vickey to get off of her. Bhabie said, “She is not fighting fair, and get this B off of me.” You can hear the guys in the background saying, “you should not have tried to fight, and now you got beat up.” Bhad Bhabie said, “Aint nobody get beat up, and get this girl off of me again.” This is a sad story for the viral artist known for her “Catch Me Outside Statement.”

Bhad Bhabie Helpless

Bhad Bhabie was defenseless

The Story

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The Leaked Video Of The Fight

Video of Bhad Bhabie Vs Woah Vickey


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