Actor John Witherspoon Dead At 77

John Witherspoon’s family stated, “It is with deepest sorrow that we can confirm our beloved husband and father, John Witherspoon, one of the hardest working men in show business, died today at his home in Sherman Oaks at the age of 77.” This is a hard pill to swallow was all of our pops from the movie “Friday”, which has more sequels. Ice Cube was the director of Friday, which is one of Mr. Witherspoon’s famous pieces that he worked on. John was a business man, and a family man. He loved to be a father, and entrepreneur. The role that Pops played in the movie Friday will forever have a positive scar, and resemblance of what a father should be. 


John taking pictures

His Life

Mr. Witherspoon also worked with the more actors as he had a television show with Wayans Bros. This show allowed Mr. Witherspoon to go prime time, and all of his fans were able to know who he was. John is survived by his wife Angela, and his sons JD, Alexander, and a larger family. The family is in shock just as the rest of the world. John always said “I’m no big deal,” but he is a great deal to the world. He will always be everyone’s Pops.

His Heart Was Too Big

Friday The Movie Kitchen Scene


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