Fastest Money Count Recored: Boosie Badazz Viral Video After Show

Boosie Says, “I must not have a lot of money I’m still counting.” This was the funniest joke of the day, as a fan tried to say that he did not have it like that. Badazz has been that dude when it comes to stacks of money. I know you all remember the famous line, “If you find a 50 in here im P.” The Louisiana rapper has diagnosed the game of hip hop in many ways, and rappers have changed their style of word play in the last few years. Boosie Badazz has dropped a album with Zaytoven that has recently with viral across the internet and has a lot of the real ones coming out. His loyal fans has been by his side since the start and the more he stays consistent the more we have a chance as a people to be real.

Forget What They Say And Run It Up

Boosie counting it up in the house


In this video Boosie is seen counting money, and his son was in the background as well. Boosie needed help with this one as the money was in the cameras way, and piled really high. The artist seemed as tho he had just finished a huge show of some sort and must have been a great week. You could see the fans asking for some money and some things we can’t say. Boosie has to show them that he was, and always will be the king and og in the game.


Video of Boosie in the house counting with family


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