More Money More Problems: Video Of Boosie Badazz Loosing Stacks Of Hundreds

Boosie Badazz is known for having a lot of money on him. This video shows how having a lot of money can cause a lot of stress, and also anger. Boosie was getting ready to leave his gigantic home when he suddenly could not find his stack of hundreds. He looked and looked everywhere to not find a trace of it. As you continue to watch the live you could see him getting more and more angry. You could see his fans commenting and showing love, but Boosie had turned into a detective. After fumbling with his heavy jewelry Boosie ended up looking a little more. At this time, the rap artist from Louisiana had the mindset to just rip the whole house apart, but he soon found what he was looking for. This video showed how much calmness can do in a rough time. Boosie Badazz has just released “BADAZZZAY” featured by Zaytoven, one of the greatest producers in the world. The Georgia stars had been working on this project for months and finally was ready to release as the fans wanted it so badly. The marketing scheme of this project was contagious as the whole team bought in. 

Boosie getting ready while putting his chains on..

The Louisiana Star has grown in many ways following his crazy lifestyle that got him sent to prison. He is more of a father figure, not only to his kids, but also too many of his fans that grew up listening to him. The science to the whole situation is for him to take his motivation to use for good. Boosie has been making the world laugh on a daily bases with his instagram and Facebook pages which has kept his fan base loyal. Boosie can easily be the one to follow trends, but he would rather be real to the end of his career which is rare.

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